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Our range of Forensic Shelters

Forensic Shelters

The new PPS forensic shelter is custom built to order and is purposely designed for forensic operators.


The shelter has a canopy which is internally fixed to the frame which allows for efficient and fast cleaning of internal surfaces. PPS can provide further options with windows and doors in various formats, this allows the user to get a shelter that fits their needs to exacting standards. The canopy is chemical, fire and water retardant and extremely durable and hard wearing.


The frame is hand made with high grade aluminium parts which makes the shelter lightweight and manoeuvrable. A small number of operators can have this shelter up and in full operation on a minute.


This model is available in 35-5, 35-7, 50-7 and 50-9 models as well as other custom models. We can finish the shelter in standard canopy colours white, blue, red, yellow, green and grey, and signage can be added if required. Shelters can also be joined together with a number of options available dependant on your needs.

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