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The HazISO range provides solutions for isolation to protect workers across all industries.

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The ISO-Capsule is an ISO-CAPsule designed for the temporary isolation of a person thought to be contaminated by...

The Gas Tight Body Bag is a Gas Tight Body Bag which is designed to hold human remains, which may be contaminated by a...

The Cas-e-Bag was designed and developed in partnership with some of the UK’s largest nuclear sites. The Cas-e-Bag...

The Glove Box Isolator Sleeve is used to provide entry points for hand intervention in glove boxes and flexible...

The Protective Oversleeves can be used to assist with contamination control over the top of appropriate PPE.

The Isolator is a film isolator which protects from external atmospheric or human contamination.

The Posting O Ring Bag is used for contaminated material transfers into and out of containments.

The Manipulator Gaiter is used to protect robot manipulator arms from contamination

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