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ISOCAP - (Patient Isolaton Capsule)

The ISO-CAPsule is designed for the temporary isolation of a person thought to be contaminated by infectious diseases or biological or chemical incidents, while transporting/transferring them to hospital or an ICU (Infection Control Unit).

The ISO-CAPsule incorporates a combination of HEPA /Organic Vapour Air Filters and a PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator), creating a Negative Pressure Environment.


As a result, a contaminated patient can be confidently transported with a significantly reduced risk of contaminating




  • Negative Pressure Filtration System

  • Full length vision panels

  • Numerous IV access points

  • Eight gloved access points

  • Posting in and out bag

  • Internal patient securing


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PPS Covid 19 Products JAR_2125.JPG
PPS Covid 19 Products JAR_2135.JPG

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