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Our range of robust full Nuclear Protection Suits offer essential protection and made to the highest standards.


Rear Entry Nuclear Full Suit 


  • Material: PVC Natural, PU Natural

  • Size: Small to  XX-Large

  • Choice of arm and leg termination: Rigid cuff  and Leg options Intagral sock with optional outer boot flap

  • Gas-tight zip for maximum protection

  • Improved air distribution system for cooling and comfort

  • Emergency Breather System with P3 external filter and cover, now with rescue capability using a powered air recovery unit.

  • Wide range of accessories including oversuits, communication equipment and air filtration

  • Quick donned one piece oversuit available with or without exhaust filters

  • Fall arrest attachment option available with unique PPS double maillon decon friendly approved connector to EN 362

The one-piece Rear Entry Nuclear Full Suit has been updated to provide a robust re-usable air fed suit with increased operator comfort and safety, for high contamination environments.


The ‘halo’ in the top of the hood gives a diffused breathing and cooling air flow around the users head.


Users enjoy the protection of a full nuclear suit (APF 200) without the need for mask fitting, giving free head movement and wide vision.

Rear Entry Nuclear Suit

The Pro-Combi 2 is a one piece disposable suit which can be configured to use either an air fed full face mask or a free breathing air distribution ‘halo’.


Users enjoy the protection a full nuclear suit (APF 200), and mask users will have the protection of a compressed air line full facemask (APF 40) when undressing.

Pro Combi Disposable One Piece Suit


  • Material: PVC natural

  • Size: Small – XX-Large

  • Used with reusable Promask Combi with P3 Filter or free breathing halo, through a belt worn inside suit 

  • Emergency breather with P3 filter on the outside of the suit fitted with either mouthpiece (free breathing) or connector hose to P3 mask filter (mask option) 

  • Continuous respiratory protection after the removal of the contaminated suit through the mask P3 filter, when the airline is disconnected (mask option) 

  • Choice of arm and leg termination: rigid cuff and button cuff for taping and leg options internal sock and outer boot flap or integral over boot with boot ties

  • One piece oversuit available to reduce contamination reaching suit 

  • Cooling spider bleed from the inlet tail hose gives comfortable operating environment 

  • Optimised for nuclear users, the suit gives freedom of movement and wide visibility 

  • Fall arrest option

Pro Combi Disposable One Piece Suit

(Windscale 2) Two Piece Disposable Suit 


  • Material: PVC Natural

  • Size: Small to XX Large

  • The Top and Trousers are supplied ready to use with support belt and airline pre-fitted

  • Excellent all round vision though an optically clear PVC visor

  • Choice of arm termination: rigid cuff system or plain ended sleeve

  • Emergency breather with P3 Filter with NEW blower recovery option

  • Two piece construction gives ease of donning and doffing

  • Optimised for nuclear users, the suit gives freedom of movement and wide visibility.

  • fall arrest and internal voice activated communications options


The Windscale 2, is a two piece suit consisting of separate trousers and a half suit top, with a buttoned and double flapped waist fitting joined and taped to create an effective full suit. 

(Windscale 2) Two Piece Disposable Suit 


  • Material: PVC Natural

  • Size: Small to XX large

  • The PAPR supplies filtered air for up to 10 hours

  • Double filtered inlet

  • Continuous respiratory protection during and after the removal of the contaminated suit

  • Choice of Scott full-face Vision 2, Promask or Silner half masks.

  • The PAPR is contained wholly within the suit and undressing is carried out without filter removal, allowing the PAPR, mask and PAPR filters to remain uncontaminated and reusable.

  • Secure PPS locking system firmly holds the PAPR filters to the suit wall for safety

  • No air supply infrastructure or trailing hoses to restrict the user

  • High powered Scott SC 160 PAPR unit from the asbestos industry

  • Emergency breathing P3 filter facility built in. 

  • Also available as complete system with either Promask or Vision, Power unit and hose, filters and battery charger.

(Nupo) Powered Respirator Suit


The “NuPo” Suit is a single use, one piece suit containing a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). Users benefit freedom of movement combined with the double protection of a powered air respirator (APF 40) and a full nuclear suit (APF 200).


Ideal for use in buildings where an air supply is not practical or available. Can be used as a rescue suit for airline operations, or an inspection/assessment suit for ‘Safestore’ operations.

(Nupo) Powered Respirator Suit

Manipulator Gaiters

Protective covers for robotic manipulator arms from external contamination. 


  • Made from PU and PVC materials depending on customers’ requirements

  • Designed to accommodate complex universal joints or extendable hydraulic arms

  • Commonly used in the nuclear industry

Anchor 1


  • Super lightweight for easy use and storage

  • Patient weight capacity up to 150kg

  • Incorporates main and chest access zip, face seal and integrated sleeves

Cas-e Bag

Unique in its design, assists in isolating the hazard and encloses the patient.


The casualty evacuation bag provides the medical staff with the ability to constantly monitor the patient’s condition and access to them when required can increase, while reducing the risk of exposure to themselves and the surrounding environment. 

cas e bag
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