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Our range of Pharmaceutical products are made to the highest standards.

Isolator Half Suit 

The PPS Isolator Half Suit (I.H.S) is one piece, reusable half suit designed to protect the operator, environment and product from internal and external atmospheric, chemical or human contamination; used in environments where complete sterility is required such as Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, Chemical and Laboratories.


Air inlet known as the ‘Halo’ evenly distributes airflow over the top of the head and down the user’s arms providing added cooling and comfort.


  • Material: PVC Duraskin, Natural PVC

  • Single or double skin option

  • Size: various, customer specific

  • Choice of visor

  • Left and right hand air inlet option

  • Other complimentary products offered:  

  • Enclosed flexible film Isolators 

  • Welding chambers 

  • Gaiters

  • Glove box sleeves

  • Transfers sleeves

  • Bespoke specials

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