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Our decontamination shelters and maintenance services are being put to the test!

In December 2021, PPS decontamination shelter service team attended a call out to a hospital in the North of England to repair a decontamination shelter that had been damaged during previous use. The team visited the hospital and repaired the shelter on site, bringing replacement parts with them.

The next day the hospital had a contamination incident, involving a corrosive material, a number of people had to be decontaminated and the rapid deployment shelter was deployed, all of the victims were successfully decontaminated. Additionally the medical staff involved in the incident were also successfully cleared of any second hand contaminates.

We are so thankful that our team attended the repair and were so efficient, which enabled all individuals involved to be safely treated. This is exactly what PPS decontamination shelters are designed and manufactured for.

Well done to the service team and all medical staff involved.

The hospital commended our service levels at PPSGB.

PPS offer full service and repair facilities for their decontamination shelters which can usually be carried out on site, as well as manufacturing new shelters by hand in the UK.

If you have interest in any of the above services please contact 01908 272241.

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