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PPS Introduces the new Dosimetry Over Suit

PPS is pleased to introduce the new ‘dosimetry over suit,which can be used for all of your dosimetric needs. Each tabard is sized to be used over any PPE that is required to be worn in the chosen environment.

The suits come in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. Each suit has 7 meter pockets, additionally PPS has a dosimetric skull cap which has 1 pocket.
The suit is made in a highly visible fluorescent yellow breathable fabric, which is both comfortable and functional.

Pockets have an option of a clear insert for visibility of any metering device, or in the main suit material. Each suit is flexible in fit with Velcro fixings around each leg, arm and waist. The dosimetry skull cap also has a Velcro fixing for a comfort fit for the user. If you have an interest in the dosimetry suits please contact or call 01908 272241.

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