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PPS Reaches out to Homeless

Those spending the winter months homeless and out on our streets will now have something extra to keep them warm and dry. In December 2018, Pam Parker, Managing Director of PPS, a leading UK manufacturer of personal protective and decontamination equipment took charge of the business.  In that time the business has grown extensively, securing contracts across the world.  The equipment they produce in Tilbrook is highly regarded and is used by armies across the globe and in areas of crisis, for example the recent ebola breakout.  Over 100 bubble wrap suits, used by air ambulance and emergency rescue teams were surplus to requirements and Pam wanted to ensure they were put to good use.  Pam said, "This seemed a great opportunity and the right time of year to help those less fortunate.  Homelessness is just around the corner for anyone of us and it’s good to remember that." Sarah Crowhurst from MK Homelessness Partnership was able to meet the team to thank them for their generosity and explained, "There is a lot of great work going on in MK to support the homeless which surprisingly currently includes a large proportion of people who are in work. We have united with Partners in the public, private and voluntary sector to end homelessness in MK."  The purpose of the partnership is to be the Go To place to share information and join up homeless services and accommodation across MK. Sarah said “It has been great to work with Pam at PPS to ensure that the bubble wrap suits go to those most in need this Winter by passing them on for distribution by the Rough Sleeper Outreach Team”.  

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