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Pro Combi Disposable One Piece Nuclear Suit

The Pro-Combi 2 is a one piece disposable suit which can be configured to use either an air fed full face mask or a free breathing air distribution ‘halo’.


Users enjoy the protection a full nuclear suit (APF 200), and mask users will have the protection of a compressed air line full facemask (APF 40) when undressing.



  • Material: PVC natural

  • Size: Small – XX-Large

  • Used with reusable Promask Combi with P3 Filter or free breathing halo, through a belt worn inside suit 

  • Emergency breather with P3 filter on the outside of the suit fitted with either mouthpiece (free breathing) or connector hose to P3 mask filter (mask option) 

  • Continuous respiratory protection after the removal of the contaminated suit through the mask P3 filter, when the airline is disconnected (mask option) 

  • Choice of arm and leg termination: rigid cuff and button cuff for taping and leg options internal sock and outer boot flap or integral over boot with boot ties

  • One piece oversuit available to reduce contamination reaching suit 

  • Cooling spider bleed from the inlet tail hose gives comfortable operating environment 

  • Optimised for nuclear users, the suit gives freedom of movement and wide visibility 

  • Fall arrest option

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