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PPS has a range of shelters including decontamination, inflatable and infection control options. Our product offering has evolved and is known for bespoke and quality design.

The RapidSHELTER range provides customers with portable and versatile shelters which can be used for situation management, casualty management, temporary accommodation or other mobile shelter needs


PPS is recognised for our specialist isolation units which not only protect the worker but also the patient.


PPS is a world leader in the manufacture of decontamination shelters, notable for ease of transport and swift deployment in the wake of hazmat or emergency incidents.


PPS offers a range of inflatable decontamination units. They are multi purpose and used by first responders, the ambulance service and army.


PPS offers a wide range of accessories for its shelter, decontamination, isolation and inflatable shelter ranges.

RapidPROTECT Accessories