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Rear Entry Nuclear Suit

The one-piece Rear Entry Nuclear Full Suit has been updated to provide a robust re-usable air fed suit with increased operator comfort and safety, for high contamination environments.


The ‘halo’ in the top of the hood gives a diffused breathing and cooling air flow around the users head.


Users enjoy the protection of a full nuclear suit (APF 200) without the need for mask fitting, giving free head movement and wide vision.



  • Material: PVC Natural, PU Natural

  • Size: Small to  XX-Large

  • Choice of arm and leg termination: Rigid cuff  and Leg options Intagral sock with optional outer boot flap

  • Gas-tight zip for maximum protection

  • Improved air distribution system for cooling and comfort

  • Emergency Breather System with P3 external filter and cover, now with rescue capability using a powered air recovery unit.

  • Wide range of accessories including oversuits, communication equipment and air filtration

  • Quick donned one piece oversuit available with or without exhaust filters

  • Fall arrest attachment option available with unique PPS double maillon decon friendly approved connector to EN 362

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