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Our range of Incident Shelters & Screens

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Incident & Event Screen

The incident screen is a fast, flexible and effective way of securing an area around and incident. This will protect people within from any injury or threat, and will protect people outside from being effected by whatever is happening inside the screen.


It can be used in a full circle, semi-circle or be used in tight spaces. Multiple screens can also be joined together.


The screen can be operational in under a minute and is lightweight and bagged for ease of use and transportation.


PPS  can make this product to your specification in any colour and it can be branded with welded on signage.


35-5 Rapid Pro Shelter

35-5 with window option.JPG

35-5 Rapid Pro Shelter

The 35-5 model is the smallest of the rapid pro shelter range, although still gives the user a floor space of over 15sq.meters.


This is an excellent choice if you have limited space usage, and is ideal for emergency service use in inner cities and tight spaces.


When folded the unit will fit into the back of an estate car or van and can be erected in under a minute. Options include windows and covers, various door options including zip and Velcro fastenings.

This shelter can be joined end to end or side by side. This model is also very popular for events and corporate uses and can be branded and produced in any colour.


Standard colours are red, blue, green, yellow and white.


PPS can also brand the shelter with logo’s or signage of your choice.


50-9 Rapid Pro Shelter

The 50-9 model is the largest in our standard size RAPID PRO space shelters.


This model is extremely flexible and can be joined to additional shelters end to end or side to side. These are widely used by police, fire and ambulance services in many countries for a multitude of emergency situations such as command and control and medical triage scenarios.


PPS can also move the canopy position to an internal, rather than external fixing which make these ideal for forensic services.

PPS can also customise these huge shelters with door and window options. The 50-9 can be branded with welded or Velcro attached banners to the sides and doors allowing clear and concise usage to be visible externally. 



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