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(Windscale 2) Two Piece Disposable Suit

The Windscale 2, is a two piece suit consisting of separate trousers and a half suit top, with a buttoned and double flapped waist fitting joined and taped to create an effective full suit. 



  • Material: PVC Natural

  • Size: Small to XX Large

  • The Top and Trousers are supplied ready to use with support belt and airline pre-fitted

  • Excellent all round vision though an optically clear PVC visor

  • Choice of arm termination: rigid cuff system or plain ended sleeve

  • Emergency breather with P3 Filter with NEW blower recovery option

  • Two piece construction gives ease of donning and doffing

  • Optimised for nuclear users, the suit gives freedom of movement and wide visibility.

  • fall arrest and internal voice activated communications options

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