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Our range of Cleanroom products 

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XR50 Material

XR50 has exceptionally good properties and has no change in pore size after 50 washes and autoclave cycles.


The fabric consists of 97 % polyester and 3 % conductive fibre. Inother words, it is extremely well suited for use in sterile environments.

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XA32 consists of 99% polyester and 1% conductive fibres. These are continuous filament fibres, which means that the garments do not emit particles or fibres.


The conductive fibres produce good static discharge, thus preventing static charging and minimising triboelectric attraction of particles and fibres. This makes the garments very suitable for activities such as vehicle spraying.

XA32 Material

XA80 Material


XA80 has a fabric structure that is reminiscent of fine silk. The fabric composition is 100% filament polyester with a moisture transport system as its principal property, which greatly contributes to making these garments very comfortable.

Tests have shown that the material also functions as a pre-filter. Complete underwear together with our cleanroom workwear boosts particle filtration by up to 50%.

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